Class 2 (II) Medicals

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To start your journey, you need to get a medical checkup done and subsequently get a medically fit certificate.

There are 2 levels of Medical fitness certificates issued for the purpose of flying – Class 1 and Class 2 (Class I and Class II)

First off, start by getting a Class 2 medical test done at any of THE DGCA approved medical centres. This is the first step in getting enrolled in a flying school in India and getting a SPL (Student Pilot License).

You can find the list of approved centres in the link below or on DGCA website.

Class 2 medical exam centres

The list is taken from DGCA website on 11th Oct 2018. The list doesn’t usually change. However you can get the latest one from the website, or you can call and confirm if they still conduct class 2 medicals by phone.


It’s a pretty straight forward procedure which typically takes one day, unless additional tests are required..

The Class 2 is the bare minimum tests standards required to undergo flying training. 

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