Coronavirus Scare update

Hello guys.

The state of affairs around the world right now

I hope you all are staying safe with #socialdistancing. The outlook right now is looking very grim. Airlines all over the world have mostly shut operations, staring at heavy losses in the near future. Layoffs are happening in many full service and flag carriers.

However, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. All of us out there, there’s still hope left. All over the world, nations are in a healthy race to invent the vaccine for COVID 19. The battle is still uphill for atleast this year. But once that’s in place, people will still need to travel.

The world can’t function with each country to itself. Its rapidly become a global village. Be it Multi national companies, or be it import export, air travel will still be a necessity, once we have all this behind us.

All of you who are still interested in becoming an airline pilot:

I will not give false hopes. Atleast for this hear, airlines probably won’t be hiring. They’ve suffered a lot of losses because of the shutdown of many sectors. They will be in consolidation phase for this year and some more months.

However, we will survive this. We will come out stronger, and humanity will triumph.

Till next time, stay safe, stay healthy and stay positive šŸ˜Š


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