Enrolling in a Flying School

Hey friends.
After the post about Flying schools in India, 

I hope you’ve talked to a lot of them, and finalised which school you want to join to start your flying training. 

A lot of factors come into deciding where you want to train. It could be 

-ease of location (near your hometown or residence), or it could be their 

-individual cost of CPL package, or 

-the choice of aircrafts they offer, or maybe 

Gyou have friends who have done their flying there
Irrespective of the reason, now the most exciting chapter of your life till now, Is about to begin. So fasten your seat belts for the adventure that is flying an aircraft.
You’ll need to take membership in the flying club to allow you to do your training there from start to finish. They usually require some fees to be paid, a residence proof and a police verification letter which states that your residential address is verified to be genuine and that you have no criminal cases/proceedings against you. 

The police verification letter also helps in getting a AEP (Airport Entry Pass) which you’ll need to gain access to the flying club and ATC (Air Traffic Control) tower etc. The AEP requirement is depending on the flying school. Some flying schools flying out of a private field might not require an AEP. 
Now you need to do a cockpit check, wherein the instructor makes you sit in the cockpit and checks whether you can sit in a normal seating position and reach all the buttons and switches in the cockpit. There is usually no height or weight restriction to join a flying training programme. 

However, this serves the same purpose. Hence, as long as you can do the cockpit check with ease, there’s not much else stopping you from starting your flying training.

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