Student Pilot License 

After you do the cockpit check, you need to give a student Pilot exam, which is usually taken as an oral exam with (sometimes) a small written exam. The syllabus is pretty easy to read and understand. I would recommend 

Book for studying for Student Pilot License (SPL) exam.

It covers basic topics like 

– What is an Aircraft

– What is Lift and Drag etc.

The flying club instructor will also suggest any book for you to refer to prepare for the SPL exam.
Once you’ve cleared the exam, you’ll be issued a SPL. This license enables you to fly in a training aircraft along with an instructor and subsequently be released for Solo Flights.

Solo Flights happen after a certain amount of training flight hours with a instructor. The exact amount of hours when you get released depend on your learning speed, your understand of basic flying concepts, type of air traffic your airfield gets, type of aircraft, consistency of regular training flights etc. 

It can vary generally from 10 hours to 30 hours. It’s not something to get hung up on. Keep learning whatever you’re being taught in ground classes and in flight, with sincerity and you’ll be good to go. 

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